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Old engine order telegraph

Original engine order telegraph, probably WW II or earlier and almost certainly from a USN ship.   Excellent condition for an antique nautical instrument. The Officer of the Deck used it to signal the bridge from the engine room in order to change the engine speed or direction.THIS IS NOT A REPRODUCTION! Standing 47" high with the handle up, it has a single brass control handle with an internal bell that rings loudly at each command. It is solid brass and all one piece. The only marks on it are the number 5 on various parts of the instrument. There is no date, no maker's name but it is my opinion that it was made either here or in England. The dial is 13" in diameter and has a plastic face that shows some crackling. The handle moves easily but may need to be tightened because it will not stay in one place but slips to the bottom.  It is possibly missing two screws at the bottom to the left and right under the face.  I welcome questions.  I have not seen an instrument of this quality anywhere on the internet.   $2950.00. 

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